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Low Carbon Sustainability Training and up to Five Hours of One-to-One consultancy

  • Fully funded for Essex SMEs by Colbea!
  • Can you afford to be sustainable – can you afford not to be?
  • You have to make time for this! Colbea has secured the funding!

Attendance at this workshop will entitle each business to up to 5 hours of one-to-one consultancy with Alasdair Wilcock or Fran Ellington to help you to devise and implement a decarbonisation plan.

The workshop will explain the jargon behind climate science and help attendees get started on measuring and reducing their impact.



About this training

Triple Bottom Line Accounting and Maple Cone help busy small and medium-sized enterprises to get started on a net-zero strategy. This year’s third and final instalment of the sixth IPCC report tells us what needs to be done¹. In fact, without immediate action, we will miss the chance to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

UK Business and Industry are responsible for 25% of UK emissions. SMEs make up 99% of our 5.87 million enterprises, 60% of our 16.6. million employees, 52% of our £2.2 trillion revenue, and just under half of the UK Business and industry emissions².


What will I learn?

  • How to get started on the road to Net Zero
  • Measure & understand your carbon emissions
  • Actions to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Benefit your business and the planet
  • Learn from local case studies


Who can apply?

Anyone that is a resident of or has a business within Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester, Tendring, Maldon, Uttlesford, Epping Forest, or Rochford can apply.

Setting a net-zero strategy has never been so urgent, as our collective actions can make a big difference in a short space of time. This workshop will explain the jargon behind climate science and help attendees get started on measuring and reducing their impact. It will advise on how to ensure that pledges become actions. It will compare the different carbon footprint calculators designed for SMEs for ease of use and suitability for different businesses such as service-focused industries, manufacturing, digital, and delivery businesses. The workshop will be engaging and interactive. It will include local case studies, polls, quizzes, and the opportunity to share experiences and ideas – we are all in this together! It will explain the benefits of writing an authentic environmental and social impact narrative to ensure the economic and environmental sustainability of your business, stakeholders, and community.

Book now for the next workshop on Thursday 17th November 9.30 – 11.00


For businesses outside Essex

To find out about our ESG impact and measurement services including carbon accounting for SMEs please check out our environmental and social impact services here:


Suffolk Businesses

We are providing a free webinar on carbon accounting via the Suffolk Carbon Charter which provides many free resources to help you get going on a net zero strategy

Book the 11th November 10.00 – 11.30am  webinar here


Norfolk Businesses

Check out the new Norfolk Chamber Business Climate Leaders Hub here.

Find out about:

Fran Ellington sits on the Norfolk Chamber Business Climate Leaders Advisory Board.

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