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TBLA’s Pioneering Approach to Sustainable Accounting Features in the International Business Times UK

We are delighted that International Business Times UK featured TBLA, Trace, and the Carbon Accounting Alliance last month. Triple Bottom Line Accounting, based at the UEA Enterprise Centre in Norwich, is not just another player in the accountancy practice landscape. It is emerging as a leader, challenging conventional practices with its unique commitment to sustainability. TBLA, established in 2009, operates as a purposeful B Corporation, placing sustainability at the core of its services for SMEs. It employs an educational approach to championing carbon accounting, a method that sets it apart from the rest.

“The company offers services that cover all aspects of financial management, from accounts and tax returns to management accounts and budgeting. However, it is their unique emphasis on preparing clients for a net-zero and sustainable future that distinguishes them. The firm sees automation of its processes as an opportunity to create the space for prioritising sustainability challenges and opportunities for its clients.” However, it’s crucial to note that “a comprehensive education in sustainability and carbon accounting is not just a suggestion, it’s a necessity. Accountants need to learn about greenhouse gases and their contributions to global warming to effectively contribute to the sustainability movement.” 

Trace Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Joanna Auburn is quoted as saying, “Accountants can help because the core principles for carbon accounting—relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, and accuracy—are the bread and butter of our existing business model.”

The article concludes, “It is significant to note that TBLA goes beyond participating in the green economy—it actively shapes it. The company’s pioneering work sets a new standard for the industry, as it demonstrates that accounting can be a tool for both financial management and environmental stewardship. TBLA compels other practices to follow suit in the movement toward a green economy to remain relevant in a business environment becoming even more eco-conscious.”
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