Who we work with

We help clients who are working towards a better future for themselves, the environment and their communities.

Here are some of the clients we love working with

wildbuoys wildwind

WildWind Sailing Holidays

Client since 2014
permaculture publications

Permaculture Publications

Client since 2002
treat norwich

Treat Norwich

Client since 2014
art at work cic

Art at Work CIC

Client since 2018
the apricot centre 2

The Apricot Centre

Client since 2018
tbla testimonials athena education support featured

Athena Education Support CIC

Client since 2019

We work with clients from the following business areas


Clients in the arts industry include painters, sculptors, and performers who create and showcase various forms of artistic expression.


Consultancy clients offer expert advice and guidance in specific fields, helping businesses improve their performance and achieve their goals.


Education clients encompass schools, educational institutions that provide learning experiences and opportunities for students.


Clients in the energy sector are involved in the production, distribution, management and consultancy of renewable resources.


Environmental clients focus on preserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural environment through sustainable practices and conservation efforts.


Clients in this sector include accommodation, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.

Investment Property:

Investment property clients manage, develop, and invest in real estate for the purpose of generating income or capital appreciation.


Clients in the medical industry provide healthcare services, treatments, and research, working to improve overall health and well-being.

Not for Profit:

Not-for-profit clients operate organizations with a primary focus on social, educational, or environmental objectives rather than generating profit.

Professional Services:

Professional services clients offer specialised expertise in areas such as law, finance, architecture to support businesses and individuals.

Regenerative Agriculture:

Regenerative agriculture clients implement farming practices that enhance soil health, promote biodiversity, and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.


Retail clients own and manage businesses that sell goods and services directly to consumers, both in-store and online.

Social Change:

Social change clients work to advance society by addressing pressing issues, advocating for policy reform, and promoting community engagement.

Technology & Crypto:

Clients in the technology and crypto sectors develop and implement innovative solutions, including blockchain and cryptocurrency applications, to revolutionise various industries.

Tourism & Leisure:

Tourism and leisure clients operate businesses that offer services to travellers and vacationers, such as music festivals and other leisure activity.


Trades clients specialise in skilled labour and craftsmanship, offering services like construction, plumbing, and electrical work.


Wellbeing clients focus on promoting physical, mental, and emotional health through services such as fitness, nutrition, and stress management.

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