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Accounting for People and Planet

Accounting for People and Planet

Triple Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA) is evolving from ‘traditional accountancy practice’ territory to being a business that embodies the change that’s inevitable if humanity is going to overcome the challenges of social and environmental injustice.

At the heart of TBLA’s work is a commitment to the three key aspects of sustainability: people, planet and prosperity.

What is ESG reporting?

ESG reporting

The principles of environmental social governance (ESG) reporting, include the following elements for the organisation itself and its supply chain:

  • environmental performance, e.g. reducing pollution, improving biodiversity, reduced impact on climate change
  • social impact, e.g. inclusive work practices, employee and director diversity, ethical procurement, community support
  • governance, e.g. fair and equal pay, executive compensation, employee relations

Benefit your business while becoming a force for environmental and social good


Organisations are taking an increasing interest in the positive and negative environmental and social impacts that they have on the planet and the communities. Two major reasons for this are:

  • The motivations of the leaders and staff in the business to be a force for good, and
  • The increasing focus on these matters by wider society creating a demand for goods and services that have a positive impact in these areas.

Consumers and B2B customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions on the basis of environmental and social factors, so it is becoming ever more important to consider these factors in our own organisations.

Why include a narrative or story?

impact narrative story
  • The best way to convince and engage organisations in progressive change is to create a good story
  • The biggest challenge is to make sure that this is authentic
  • While we help your business to improve its measures and targets for genuine impact an authentic and inspiring story will naturally follow

Greenhouse gas accounting and developing a Net Zero Strategy for Small Businesses (SMEs)

Basic starter package from £700 + VAT

how it works

What’s involved:

  • Calculation of your carbon footprint for the last 12-month period using a tried and tested calculator or tracker designed for SMEs
  • A whole team target-setting workshop
  • An agreed action plan on how your business will achieve net zero emissions in Scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2050 using science-based targets
  • Get your business on the SME Climate Hub map
  • Your time: We ask you to keep to agreed deadlines and provide the data required to measure your carbon footprint

Optional add-ons – (POA)

  • Carbon Literacy Training for you and your colleagues – details here
  • Decarbonisation and Net Zero planning and consultancy
  • Scenario Planning and Adaptation Plans
  • Help with your B Corp application – The B Impact Assessment
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Let us help you measure and improve your environmental and social impact

Meet your team

Fran Ellington - TBLA Sustainability & Business Development Director

fran profile esg

Fran Ellington leads our sustainability services and facilitates Net Zero Workshops for SME clients and outside organisations. She provides sustainability and decarbonisation consultancy. Certified as carbon literate by the Carbon Literacy Project, she is actively involved in creating and delivering ESG Education. Clients include the Association of International Accountants (AIA), my-CPE, INAA, Norfolk County Council, Colbea, Studious Digital Education (Level 7 apprenticeship provider), ESTU Global (L4 and L5 Skills for Life Bootcamps).


“Fran demonstrates a profound depth of knowledge on carbon literacy and its practical applications. She is able to distil complex concepts into digestible information, making it accessible and relevant to workplaces and practical applications.I highly recommend Fran as a carbon literacy trainer, and we are proud to work with her on Estu programmes. Her professionalism, bespoke delivery, learner engagement, and depth of knowledge make her a true asset in promoting sustainability and driving positive change.”
Simon Littlewood, CEO
“Fran, from Triple Bottom Line Accounting, has played a crucial role in guiding us on our B Corp journey. Her expertise, experience and wealth of knowledge have provided us with increased insight, better understanding, and a real sense of support throughout the process. I would highly recommend working with TBLA, particularly from an ESG perspective."
Seneye Ltd
Tiffany Chase, COO


Fran collaborates with a network of experts to offer the best advice possible to our clients.
These include:

Alasdair Wilcock - Maple Cone Ltd

Alasdair has been collaborating with Fran and Triple Bottom Line Accounting as a consultant in renewable energy and decarbonisation since 2021. Joint projects to date have included workshops, webinars, and one-to-one consultancy work with clients. This has included helping SME organisations reduce their carbon footprint by considering the emissions due to their own operations and energy use, as well as the upstream and downstream supply chain

Nigel Hargreaves: Synfo Limited

Synfo Limited is a business consultancy primarily focusing on regenerative and sustainable futures. He advises on architectures for circular economies with positive social and economic outcomes, including energy, food, transport, built environment systems, and policy development.

Norfolk Business Climate Leaders – Advisory Board colleagues

Advisory Board colleagues.

We also tap into the expertise of several clients offering renewable energy and social impact solutions.

TBLA is a member of the Carbon Accounting Alliance.

TBLA's Impact Narrative

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Making an Impact

TBLA is net zero in scopes 1 and 2. We are working on reducing our scope 3 emissions and making a positive social and environmental impact…

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