It is the policy of TBLA Ltd to identify and manage the environmental, social and economic impacts within our supply chain.


We are committed to:

  • The prompt payment code:
  • As a general rule we pay all invoices within 10 days.
  • Setting objectives and action plans in support of this policy, and pursuing continuous improvement of our practices (this will be ongoing via table below)
  • Prioritising suppliers who have embedded sustainable and ethical practices within their organisation and who drive such practices within their own supply chain
  • Prioritising local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint of delivery
  • Where historically we are using suppliers that do not meet our current objectives we will lobby them to improve or plan to transfer to alternative supplier


Through supplier selection and direct engagement, we will favour suppliers that actively:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint through:
    • Conservation of resources, including the use of energy, water and materials
    • Waste minimisation, both within their operations and through reduction of packaging
    • Reducing the impact of deliveries and maximising local sourcing
    • Score well in the environment, sustainability and animal sections of Ethical Consumer
  • Deliver benefits to society through:
    • Providing the Real Living Wage (at a minimum) to employees and contractors in the UK
    • Score well (and are not being boycotted) in the People and Politics sections of Ethical Consumer


We will check suppliers using recognised tools such as


Where there is little choice* on ethical alternatives, we will directly engage with supplier to seek action plans for improvements.

*E.g. where buying an inferior but more ethical alternative would compromise our professional standards to an unacceptable degree


This policy will be communicated throughout the firm and is available for public review. It will be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate continued relevance, monitor compliance and drive continual improvement.


Suppliers checked and actions taken

Before any new purchase of services or products procurer must either fill in the form below or ask Fran to do the checks.

Key for registers checked:

CDP     Carbon Disclosure Project

EC        Ethical Consumer

LWF     Living Wage Foundation

BC       B Corps accreditation

SS       in the absence of company being on register they must be a supplier statement such as sustainability or impact report – cite source or weblink



Communicated to team and agreed: 23/2/2021

Signed: signature  23/2/2021 and 26/1/2022

Next review due:  February 2023