Fran joined TBLA in 2019 after retiring from a career in teaching. Fran is the Business Development Director and she helps with the onboarding process for clients and works on developing and updating the TBLA website and social media profiles. As well as networking with the local business community and with groups who share TBLA's social and environmental priorities, Fran loves outdoors hiking, gardening or foraging for ingredients for recipes, home herbal remedies or homemade skincare products.


Making an impact on the environment

“The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year.”   Norwich based artist Niki Medlik created a ‘no more plastic’ installation in a Lowestoft beach hut as part of the first-ever First Light Festival in June 2019. We have used an image of it for our Twitter banner ever since. It is not only beautiful but…

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TBLA Ltd and its Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our commitment to the concept of the Triple Bottom Line, TBLA Ltd is working on several projects in 2020. This week we would like to tell you about how we are developing the Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio.   What we say about our company: “A progressive accountancy practice, adopting…