Fran joined TBLA in 2019 after a long career in teaching. Her roles include human resources management, ESG and Marketing. During 2020 and 2021 she developed the TBLA Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact service. As part of the process, she has carried out an impact analysis of the TBLA social and governance profile and a whole company carbon calculation with accompanying target setting, carbon reduction action plan and impact narrative. Fran is now working alongside the growing ESG team to help more SMEs plan for Net Zero around the UK. Fran is also on the board of the Norwich Business Climate Leaders hoping to accelerate the transition to Net Zero.

Carbon Accounting webinar

Carbon Accounting for a Net Zero Strategy

Free business webinar hosted by the CARBON CHARTER Friday 11th November 2022 10.00 – 11.30am As the marketplace becomes more competitive, it is vital to be able to show your potential customers that placing their business with you will help ensure a brighter future for the planet. This webinar will showcase some different ways to…

purpose driven accounting graphic

How Accountants can save the world

Driving humanity’s success by recording and advising on money-based transactions has been the superpower of accountants for centuries. The world is changing and using money as the primary measure of success is no longer enough. We are accelerating into a new era of responsible capitalism, where items that did not carry a monetary valuation (natural…

sustainable business with natwest

Talking Business with Andy Gray of NatWest Bank: Part 2

In this 30-minute podcast, our ESG and Business Development Director, Fran Ellington, discussed: The benefits of sustainability to the business owner, staff, community and the planet. Structures of the various Social Enterprises and how to set up a Not-for-Profit Business. Validation/ badges for sustainable business such as PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral certification, Climate Positive or…