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Attention Sports Clubs: £45 Million Available to Combat Climate Change!

Attention sports clubs! The time to make a significant environmental impact and secure funding for your sustainability initiatives is now. Sport England has just unveiled a ground-breaking £45 million National Lottery funding package, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to bolster your club’s battle against climate change.

Seize this opportunity to access the funding! You’re not just meeting a requirement by developing a comprehensive plan to reduce your club’s negative environmental impact and promote sustainability. You’re setting your club up for a more sustainable future, aligning with Sport England’s ‘Every Move’ sustainability strategy. This is a chance to make a real difference and secure a brighter future for your club.

Remember, it’s not just sports clubs that need to act. Triple Bottom Line Accounting has reported that most grant funders and public procurers, including the NHS, now demand evidence of positive impact and carbon reductions by 2027. This means that all organisations, regardless of size or sector, will face significant consequences if they don’t act.

What a great way to take action on Climate Change! Start measuring your carbon footprint today and set yearly goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Contributing to the fight against climate change will improve your organisation’s sustainability and enhance your reputation.

Triple Bottom Line Accounting can help you calculate your carbon footprint and develop a viable sustainability and net zero plan based on trusted metrics. Our clients include charities, clubs, community centres, and commercial entities within the SME sector, all of whom can access grants and incentives with a solid sustainability plan.

According to new research from Sport England, three in five adults and children (60%) say extreme weather has negatively impacted their ability to be active, with one in four children citing the cancellation of PE and games lessons. As Sport England chair Chris Boardman states, “There is no doubt that our changing climate is already impacting our opportunities, motivation and ability to be active.”

Take advantage of this opportunity to secure funding and positively impact the environment. Contact Triple Bottom Line Accounting today via our Positive Impact Website page or email to start your journey towards a sustainable future. We can also provide a quote to help with financial accounting and independent examinations for charities. 

Find the full  Sport England funding announcement and conditions here.

How is climate affecting sport and our health? 

Chris Boardman of Sport England says, “Extreme weather is increasingly making it difficult for us to live healthy, active lives by creating a ‘doom loop’ where people become less motivated and more fearful of injury, with sporting opportunities increasingly cancelled and disrupted.

“Without change now, the government’s target to get 3.5 million more people active by 2030 is very much in jeopardy – and our children will be the ones to suffer most.

“The FA has estimated that 120,000 football games will be lost each year. A third of community pitches are already unplayable for two months of the year due to flooding – and it will only get worse.

“If places to play are unavailable, people will go and do something other than sport and physical activity, leading to small clubs going under and vital community organisations disbanding.”

Why are our winters and summers getting wetter? 

According to the Met Office, the winter of 2023-24 has been the eighth wettest on record in the UK. It predicts that by 2070, winters in the UK will be up to 30% wetter than in 1990 and that rainfall will be up to 25% more intense. The most violent downpours in summer – more than 30mm of rainfall in an hour – are expected to occur twice as often as they used to.

A recent Guardian bulletin explains why climate breakdown increases the risk of flooding. This is because hot air retains water, which increases precipitation. Climate scientists have found a 1C temperature increase means that 7% more water is retained in the air. The 2021 floods, which devastated central Europe, specifically Belgium and Germany, were made more likely, some researchers think, by the climate crisis. 

We are happy to help any small or medium-sized business, charity, or social enterprise start on its sustainability journey with a carbon footprint calculation and a strategy for positive environmental and climate impact. We can also provide a quote to help with financial accounting and independent examinations for charities. Contact Triple Bottom Line Accounting today either via our Positive Impact Website page or email: 

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