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Should accountants add Carbon Accounting and Net Zero Advisory to their services?

There are three good reasons for accountants to undertake carbon accounting training and sustainability CPD. 

  1. We must do everything possible to deliver the global net zero target before 2050. See the latest UNEP Emissions Gap Report.
  2. Accountants can help because the core principles for carbon accounting – relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency and accuracy – are the bread and butter of our existing business model. [1]
  3. Climate is a business risk to be measured, managed, and reported. UK mandatory climate-related financial disclosures for our larger clients will impact our smaller clients if they are part of the formers’ supply chain.  

TBLA’s 2024 goals:

  1. To be an award-winning accountancy practice
  2. To set the standards for sustainability, climate change mitigation and ESG
  3. To become a role model for other small practices to follow 
  • Read the TBLA carbon accounting and environmental impact reports here.
  • Read the TBLA Mission Statement here. 
  • Several members of the team at TBLA have completed or are undertaking ICAEW and ACCA training in sustainable accounting and the Trace Fellowship carbon accounting training.  
  • Congratulations to Tatiana Blana who recently received her ACCA Sustainability certificate. 

The Carbon Accounting Alliance

Triple Bottom Line Accounting is proud to announce that we joined the newly launched and rapidly growing Carbon Accounting Alliance last November. 

When the Carbon Accounting Alliance was launched on 21st November 2023, it had 37 Members, collectively representing 24,000+ company carbon footprints.

Today, it has 200+ members that have collectively measured the carbon footprints of over 50,000 organisations*. So far, 27 of these organisations have disclosed their progress to date. They have collectively measured more than 1 billion tonnes of CO2e with their clients and reduced 29+ million tonnes of direct CO2e. 

 The Carbon Accounting Alliance has members headquartered in 24 countries, which doesn’t include the fact that several are large multinational members! Check out the website where the logo list is growing:

Carbon Literacy Training

TBLA offers carbon literacy training to SMEs and bespoke training for accountants. Email our sustainability director for more information and prices.

The SME Climate Hub Commitment

Triple Bottom Line Accounting is a proud member of the SME Climate Hub. This global initiative empowers small to medium-sized companies to take climate action and build more resilient businesses. Through the SME Climate Hub, we commit to lowering our impact on the environment through authentic action, halving our emissions by 2030. In committing, we have joined the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. #racetozero #triplebottomline


Fran Ellington is the sustainability director at TBLA. She offers carbon accounting, net zero advisory and carbon literacy training. She is certified as carbon literate by the Carbon Literacy Project. 

 *These figures are estimates based on information provided by CAA Members. Not all have shared figures for every measure, and reporting periods and boundaries vary.
[1] Six reasons why accountants need climate in their tech stack:

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