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Triple Bottom Line and Maple Cone Environmental and Social Impact Narratives

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Accounting for People and Planet

Accounting for People and Planet

Triple Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA) is evolving from ‘traditional accountancy practice’ territory to being a business that embodies the change that’s inevitable if humanity is going to overcome the challenges of social and environmental injustice.

At the heart of TBLA’s work is a commitment to the three key aspects of sustainability: people, planet and prosperity.

What is ESG reporting?

ESG reporting

The principles of environmental social governance (ESG) reporting, include the following elements for the organisation itself and its supply chain:

  • environmental performance, e.g. reducing pollution, improving biodiversity, reduced impact on climate change
  • social impact, e.g. inclusive work practices, employee and director diversity, ethical procurement, community support
  • governance, e.g. fair and equal pay, executive compensation, employee relations

Benefit your business while becoming a force for environmental and social good


Organisations are taking an increasing interest in the positive and negative environmental and social impacts that they have on the planet and the communities.  Two major reasons for this are:

  • The motivations of the leaders and staff in the business to be a force for good, and
  • The increasing focus on these matters by wider society creating a demand for goods and services that have a positive impact in these areas.

Consumers and B2B customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions on the basis of environmental and social factors, so it is becoming ever more important to consider these factors in our own organisations.

Why include a narrative or story?

impact narrative story
  • The best way to convince and engage organisations in progressive change is to create a good story
  • The biggest challenge is to make sure that this is authentic
  • While we help your business to improve its measures and targets for genuine impact an authentic and inspiring story will naturally follow

Carbon Footprint Calculations and developing a Net Zero Strategy for Small Businesses (SMEs)

Basic starter package from £700 + VAT
how it works

What’s involved:

  • Calculation of your carbon footprint for the last 12-month period using a tried and tested calculator designed for SMEs.
  • A whole team target setting workshop facilitated by Maple Cone and TBLA
  • An agreed action plan on how your business will achieve net zero emissions by 2040 at the latest.
  • Get your business on the SME Climate Hub map
  • Your time: We ask you to keep to agreed deadlines and provide the data required to measure your carbon footprint
  • This involves up to 8 hours split into smaller chunks over approximately 4 – 8 weeks dependent on receiving your data .


Optional add-ons – (POA)

  • A recognised certification of carbon neutral status
  • An authentic impact narrative or
  • A toolkit for writing your own impact narrative
  • Other ESG impact options (Environmental, Social and Governance):Popular areas include:
    • Social Impact of supply chain –e.g.suppliers offering the living wage, modern slavery statements, prompt payment policies, sustainable purchasing policies Diversity and Inclusion policies and procedures and practices.
    • Voluntary reporting to Companies House on ESG strategy, targets and measurements
    • TCFD reporting: Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures
    • Low Carbon Sustainability Training for SMEs
Environmental and Social Impact Narrative customer journey

Let us help you measure and create your impact narrative

If you would like to measure and improve your “triple bottom line” and / or receive help in writing your impact narrative, give Fran a call for a no obligation chat or call on +44 (0)1603 619570: Option 3

Meet your team

Alasdair Wilcock MBA - owner of Maple Cone Ltd: Renewable Energy and Decarbonisation Consultant

Alasdair Wilcock MBA

Alasdair has had a long interest in environmental matters since studying for his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London during which he selected renewable energy options including wind energy to feed his early enthusiasm for the subject.  Other formal qualifications include an MBA from Cranfield University and Prince II Practitioner.

His early career was spent in technical and management positions in manufacturing industry.  This was followed by 14 years in electricity distribution during which time he led a substantial division of the business.  A part of this was the application and measurement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) metrics over several years in order to positively impact the non-financial outcomes of the organisation’s operations.

At the start of 2016, Alasdair set up his own consultancy, Maple Cone Ltd., that works with organisations to develop renewable energy, deliver energy efficiency, formulate decarbonisation trajectories and other projects.  These usually have a positive social impact such as fuel poverty reduction, improving comfort, air quality improvement etc.

He has worked with the Energy Systems Catapult on projects concerning the architecture of the energy system and the reduction of carbon emissions on the government estate, with a council developing a district heating scheme, and with other organisations looking to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

An expert facilitator, he helps groups and organisations to be clear about the problem that they are tackling and to think widely about possible solutions and then to take active steps to deliver the desired outcomes.

Alasdair combines these business focuses with an enduring interest in the countryside, wildlife conservation, the environment and organic gardening.

Fran Ellington - TBLA Business Development Director and ESG Lead

fran profile esg

Fran graduated with a First-Class Honours History degree from the Open University while bringing up her two children in Norwich. For the next 25 years, she enjoyed a fulfilling career teaching History in Norfolk secondary schools. Fran has always been a bit of an eco-warrior: cycling to work and encouraging her students to think about issues surrounding the environment, the concept of peak oil, finite resources, and the need to “reduce, repurpose and recycle”. In 2010 she founded the Grapes Hill Community Garden in Norwich for which she remains an active trustee. The mission of this registered charity is to improve social inclusion and personal wellbeing through opportunities to take part in community events and gardening-related activities and workshops.

Fran joined TBLA in 2019 to work alongside her husband Peter, keen to put the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ ethos into action by firstly documenting and improving the company’s CSR profile. She has since taken part in several workshops and courses regarding genuine impact measurement, including studying with the New Economics Foundation,  Economy for the Common Good and CSR- Accreditation. In 2022 Fran was invited to join the board of the Norwich Business Climate Leaders.

Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd was founded with some core ethical and environmental principles but in the early days had little time to work out a method of recording or measuring this. Since joining TBLA, Fran has succeeded in improving all aspects of employment including recruitment, training, access to facilities, flexible working, disciplinary, performance, and grievance procedures – making sure that the company “walks the talk” concerning governance. She has made the company a founding member of the Climate Perks Scheme, an accredited real Living Wage Employer and member of the Good Business Charter, and listed TBLA with the Prompt Payment Code. Fran leads the ESG team which achieved a PAS2060 Carbon Neutral Status for 2020. It is working on the 2021 Greenhouse Gas calculations to ensure that our Net Zero ambition is on track. The business has a long-term reputation for subsidising services to Not for Profit clients so on a suggestion from the team she set up a regular donation to a local charity feeding the homeless matching the company budget for refreshments at work.

In her free time, Fran is developing her no-dig organic vegetable and physic garden on the North Norfolk Coast. She loves a long walk, rarely leaving home without a spare bag for foraged ingredients to use in home herbal remedies and skincare products.

Fran loves a good story and is looking forward to helping like-minded clients write their impact narratives.

Charlie Flanagan - Business Management Graduate and Trainee Accountant

charlie profile esg

Everyday ethical and sustainable practices have always been important to Charlie. He opts to cycle or walk to work and has recently pledged to eat vegan for one day a week, every week.

While completing an undergraduate degree in Business Management, Charlie took a particular interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Armed with the most up-to-date knowledge and theories, he is now eager to share his insights and help like-minded individuals and businesses operate more ethically. With a particular focus on CSR, he is keen to help businesses gauge their intentional and unwitting impact on employees and the wider community. When combining his focus on social responsibility with a love of storytelling,  Charlie’s contributions to this new service will be invaluable.

Charlie brings a fresh and youthful perspective to this service and lateral thinking ability leading to some creative and novel solutions.

TBLA's Impact Narrative

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Making an Impact

In 2013 our firm got a new name: Triple Bottom Line Accounting, or TBLA. We progressed from ‘traditional accountancy practice’ territory to being a business that embodies the change that’s inevitable if humanity is going to overcome the challenges of social and environmental injustice. We chose to put caring and respect at the centre of…