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Starting your Net Zero Journey with Triple Bottom Line Accounting

A recent case study: Read this endorsement from Broom Boats

Our ESG team helps busy small and medium-sized enterprises to get started on a net-zero strategy. This week’s third and final installment of the sixth IPCC report tells us what needs to be done[1]. In fact, we have thirty months for global greenhouse gas emissions to finally start to fall. If not, we will miss the chance to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

UK Business and Industry are responsible for 25% of UK emissions. SMEs make up 99% of our 5.87 million enterprises, 60% of our 16.6. million employees, 52% of our £2.2 trillion revenue, and just under half of the UK Business and industry emissions[2].

Setting a net-zero strategy has never been so urgent as our collective actions can make a big difference in a short space of time.


Basic Starter Package:

“I recommend anyone else caring for the planet and their impact, personally and as a business, to follow the same training and analysis.”

Antony Howell, Managing Director of Boom Boats, Norfolk.

This includes
  • Inputting your data to a licensed carbon calculator designed for SMEs.
  • A fully prepared two-hour workshop to explain the facts regarding climate change, target-set and agree on actions for reducing these emissions with your whole team involved – in person or online.
  • A short report summarising your agreed actions and targets.
  • Suggested recognised offsetting schemes to make up for historic emissions (price dependent on your carbon footprint).

We believe that you will fully recoup the cost of this service and your carbon neutral status in potential savings made, and potential future clients who are differentiating between businesses that are climate positive, carbon neutral, on the journey to net-zero emissions, and those who are not. (Prices starting from £800 + VAT).


Optional add-ons – (Please ask for full costings if required)
  • A recognised certification of carbon neutral status
  • An authentic impact narrative or
  • Our toolkit for writing your business impact narrative in house.
  • Other ESG impact measurement and narrative options(Environmental, Social, and Governance)

For more information call Fran on 01603 619570



A recent case study with Broom Boats:

Read this endorsement from Broom Boats

It’s so nice to be appreciated! Thank you to Broom Boats for this endorsement of our basic package.

It was a pleasure to work with Antony Howell and the team at Broom Boats. We provided Broom Boats with a comprehensive Carbon Footprint Report and facilitated a team workshop. Actions were suggested by members of his team to help the business work towards Net Zero Emissions.

Managing Director of Broom Boats, Antony Howell said “I recommend anyone else caring for the planet and their impact, personally and as a business, to follow the same training and analysis.”


Growing Green- Costs and Benefits for SME business

Antony Howell and Fran Ellington will be among the panellists at the next Norfolk Network webinar: Growing Green- Costs and Benefits for SME business; Apr 21, 2022, 12:00 PM


[1] IPCC Sixth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change: 4 April 2022

[2] UN climate change conference: UK 2021

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