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Our company’s history and the meaning behind the name Triple Bottom Line Accounting

Dr Peter Ellington explains in this short film why he decided to take a break from a long career working in FTSE 100 companies to study for an MSc in 2009. He wanted to understand the economics of climate change. Peter went on study for a Masters in Higher Education (MA HEP), followed by a Doctorate in accounting education.

At the same time, he has been teaching accountancy at the UEA Norwich Business School and running Triple Bottom Line Accounting. Peter intends to influence accountancy education at all levels – so it is fit for the future.

Through the practice (TBLA), we are finding ways to account for people, planet, and prosperity – the triple bottom line.

Peter is now teaching CPD to qualified accountants across the world. Accountants can sign up for the free AIA CPD modules here.

Module 1: What Does Sustainability Mean For Accountants? 
Module 2: Climate Change – Net Zero and Carbon Accounting
Module 3:  Why ESG Values Are Integral To Future Economic Sustainability

Peter founded Triple Bottom Line Accounting in 2009 and was later joined by Luke Hilditch, our practice manager. In this film, Luke explains why the human element is still so crucial despite the rapid automation of compliance accounting. Luke talks about how we can help clients achieve their life goals.

Our services can be broken down into:

  • Compliance: looking back at the past.
  • Advisory: preparing for the future. E.g., risk assessing and budgeting accordingly for the potential impact of climate change and related events such as the recent pandemic.

Find out more by watching this short video.

Thank you to FreeAgent for making this film on our behalf.

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