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Social and Environmental Sustainability and its relevance to the work and training of accountants

Paul Druckman, CEO of the IIRC, talks with Dr Carol Adams CA, Professor of Accounting at Durham University Business School about social and environmental sustainability issues and their relevance to business and the work and training of accountants. TBLA founder, Dr Peter Ellington’s EdD research on accounting education is consistent with what is being said in this short interview. Peter stresses more specifically that universities, technical and professional bodies need to ensure that environmental and social issues are embedded within the core syllabus no differently to how taxation and audit are treated for example. What about making professional qualifications or practising certificates annually renewable only if CPD training modules on Social and Environmental impact have been completed for existing accountants?


Peter says, “Excluding the “E” and the “S” from the core syllabus is similar to leaving out how accounts are produced.”


It is interesting when looking up training or CPD on Integrated Reporting very little is said up front about factoring in social and environmental issues. I wonder if Paul Druckman and Peter Ellington need to talk? We agree with what Paul says in this video – that accountants, in business or practice, need to understand how the social and environmental areas impact the business and vice versa. Paul says that this is not the same as a separate CSR policy or a separate ESG department –society and environment need to be considered so that the “S” and the “E” is integrated into every department.


You can watch the full talk here:

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