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Making an impact on the environment

“The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year.”


Norwich based artist Niki Medlik created a ‘no more plastic’ installation in a Lowestoft beach hut as part of the first-ever First Light Festival in June 2019. We have used an image of it for our Twitter banner ever since. It is not only beautiful but thought-provoking. Niki is a book designer, and an artist who is inspired by the landscape as her Instagram feed will prove. She recently contributed to the Broads Authority Woven Waters exhibition and designed the catalogue.


fish wallpaper detail

hut from outside



Having been motivated by Niki’s work, Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd has just set up two collection boxes for ‘difficult to recycle’ waste streams. This means that less waste will go into landfill and all this waste will be recycled and upcycled. We are offering this facility to the other businesses and co-workers at The Enterprise Centre, UEA; the lovely eco-building where you will find our office in Norwich.


  1. There is a small box in the downstairs washing up area for used up writing instruments such as pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers, correction fluid pots, correction tapes, mechanical pencils and eraser pens,regardless of their composition. This is sponsored by BIC (biro manufacturers). BIC reward Recreation Rd Infant School – which is the nearest collection point -for sending these on for recycling.


  1. We then purchased a large Terracycle Zero waste box. TBLA Ltd and our co-tenants will collect plastics that the local council doesn’t recycle such as crisp packets, clingfilm, contact lens packaging etc. We encourage our co-tenants to reduce/ re-use/ re-purpose before recycling.There are lots of other options of waste streams, and it may be that other tenants will feel inspired to purchase a different box or become a co-sponsor of this one when we have to replace it.


We felt reassured by this short film which displays what will happen to our filled box when returned to Terracycle.



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