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Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd Offers “Climate Perks” To Its Employees

Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd is proud to have been accepted as a Climate Perks accredited employer. This means that we will give extra paid travel time when employees elect to travel on holiday via land or sea rather than via air. The paid travel time can be claimed for additional hours spent travelling. 


The Climate Perks scheme was launched by “Possible” (formerly known as 10:10 Climate Action). 


Why sustainable travel is important to us.

In the words of the Climate Perks campaign:


“Despite only 5% of the world’s population ever having stepped inside a plane, flying is the fastest growing contributor to climate change globally. On current trends, aviation alone will account for 25% of UK carbon emissions by 2050. In line with the 2015 Paris agreement, we recognise the need for behaviour change to play a role in reducing aviation emissions and in turn the role of social and workplace innovations to facilitate and drive such behaviour change.


We also recognise that the challenge of decarbonising the global economy must have equity considerations at its core. Citizens in global north countries must be empowered to reduce their lifestyle greenhouse gas emissions, in order to assist developing countries in providing their citizens with a higher standard of living within finite global carbon budgets. 

We are therefore committed to supporting a cultural shift towards low carbon leisure travel.”


TBLA Climate Perks Policy statement:

Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd is committed to having a positive social and environmental impact. The company recognises that staff have an essential role to play in responding to the urgent challenge of climate change. We aim to encourage our employees to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to sustainability behaviour, in line with our organisational values and policies. Research indicates that converting one or more return flights to train, coach or boat is likely to be one of the most powerful actions regular travellers can take to reduce lifestyle carbon emissions. This, in turn, helps to inspire further behaviour change amongst peers. 


To help staff make sustainable travel choices, we offer paid travel time, subject to specific criteria. It is important to note that this is not additional annual leave, but extra time to undertake sustainable travel. Whether employees take up the scheme or not, they remain entitled to the same amount of annual leave. 

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