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Accounting Web 2023: Accounting Excellence Awards

Sustainability Awards for Accountants 

AccountingWeb has invited Triple Bottom Line Accounting’s Peter Ellington to judge entries for the Pride – Environmental, Social, Governance Award.

Details about how to enter at the end of this blog.
On February 28th 2023 – Our CEO and founder, Dr Peter Ellington, joined AccountingWEB’s Head of Events, Mike Goldsmith, Bright CEO Kevin McCallum, and Blaire Palmer (That People Thing). They discussed:

 > The changing face of accountancy and how the profession is evolving fast;
 > The rise of ESG and how it’s not just a ‘nice to have’ but a profitable service to niche in while creating a legacy for your team;
 > How embracing DEI can make your firm more attractive when recruiting in 2023 while helping change the face of the profession;
 > What the Accounting Excellence judges are looking for from award entries and how you can cast a winning entry.
Watch the start of the discussion on the video attached; along with raising awareness about the ACCA and ICAEW sustainability CPD, Peter talked about net zero and sustainability as a natural extension of what Accountants do for their clients. 

The full video can be watched here:
 If you’re proud of what you are doing on the ESG front, start applying for the ESG award now.
Online entry form here: 
AccountingWEB Pride Award – ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Who can enter:
Accounting/bookkeeping firms and in-house finance departments that can demonstrate a successful internal ESG strategy.

What Peter is looking for:
An opportunity to inspire others with what is possible. He wants to highlight those entrants that display an innovative, collaborative, and proactive approach – something different to the norm.

The entry should demonstrate it has had a significant positive impact or show that an individual or organisation has made a significant change either within the organisation, in terms of its ways of working – with demonstrable outcomes – or in terms of outreach work in the wider community.

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