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Financial Control and Direction

We believe that there are four key ingredients to avoid financial stress. Work with us in these four areas to help your business avoid financial troubles and prosper.
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Business Model

Our business models review price, direct costs and overheads determine what works at a level that makes sense. It focuses on the point where you break-even and determines profitability at the product/service level. For a yoga retreat business; it was per retreat. For a stretch tent event business; it was per event. For an accounting practice; per client type.

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Is it worth investing in a monthly budget for the next year? Even if this means copying last year’s actual accounting numbers and tweaking them – we think it is a sensible thing to do. We can build budgets linked to your marketing and products plans, focusing on the right measures to ensure the viability of your business. We also can extend the budget to formulate a five-year plan linked to your brand and strategy. Appoint us as your outsourced management accountant or financial director to drive the financial success of your business.

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Cloud Accounting

By using our cloud accounting partners’ products, we help you keep on top of your day-to-day accounting and financial management. We will help you link your accounting to apps such as point of sales and inventory management.

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Cash Flow Forecast

Cash is King – every business needs to know what money is coming in and going out next week, the week after, over the month and looking forward. We will help you build a simple cash management model that keeps you solvent.

Integrated forecasting and reporting for small businesses

We have recruited Charlie Flanagan to work with small businesses on integrated forecasting and reporting.
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Run your own business, charity or need help with your own Self Assessment? We offer a range of services for you as an individual, business or not for profit

Not for Profit

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