We provide services to the following organisation types: Companies, Partnerships, Sole traders, Charities, Community Interest Companies and Social Enterprises..

Business Start Up
Corporation Tax Returns
Tax Planning
Company House Dealings
Charity Commission Interface
Cloud Accounting and Management Accounting
Management Accounting


We run simple spread sheet systems to more complex accounting packages.

Our bookkeeping service includes:

  • Set up accounting systems and advice on running once set up
  • Support in interfacing with point of sale, expense payment and other accounting systems and applications
  • Advice on how to organise your expenses, what can and can’t be claimed and how best to record expense transactions
  • Simple cashbook spread sheets to record and analyse your banking
  • Accounting software package support

We sell and support:

  • FreeAgent
  • Quickbooks
  • Zero

We prefer to work in the cloud and can provide accounting software at discounted prices. We’re happy to work with any accounting package to which you have a preference.

We prefer to help you record your transactions at source, making this as simple and as hassle free as possible for you. If you prefer to send us a bag full or receipts we will manage this for you too – for a competitive bookkeeping fee.

Business Start Up

We will help you develop your business plan. Not just the financials, we’ll work with you on setting Goals, Objections and Strategy for your business along with looking at all the aspects of the Business by helping you complete a full Business Plan. Expect us to challenge you on the viability of your business proposal.

We’ll help you decide what legal form your business should take and then set it up for you.

Once you are legally formed we help set up your operating accounting processes (see bookkeeping).

We apply for the inland revenue services that you require such as Self Assessment, Value Added Taxation, Payroll, Corporation Tax and ensure access to these government gateway services.

You just need to provide information about you and your business we do the rest from a legal and taxation viewpoint. This enables you to focus on the important things about your business and run the day-to-day operations.


We run payroll services using The Payroll Site.

We make sure that you do not fall foul of the new RTI rules.

Along with monthly (or weekly payroll), we do the annual returns P35 and P60 and P11D benefits returns after each tax year.

Based on your advice on what to pay we will run payroll, set up starters and prepare P45’s for leavers. We send you payslips and inform you of net salary payments and what to pay the Inland Revenue and when.

We have registered all our payroll customers for the Pension Regulations and are advising them of how to comply with the requirements by their staging date.


We advise on when to register and deregister from VAT.

How to maintain your records to ensure that you are keeping proper records for VAT.

Advise on invoicing compliant with VAT rules.

We file your returns looking to ensure that you don’t miss deadlines.

We run and advise on Flat Rate Scheme, Cash Accounting and Accruals Accounting for VAT.

VAT can be complex, we help you through this complexity.

We advise charities on whether their grants are subject to VAT and how to avoid getting into this situation.


We run a basic self-assessment completion service.

You supply us details of your income from all sources and we complete the return for you.

If you are a small self employed business or partnership we will compile accounts and look to ensure that your expenses are accurately reflected in those accounts.

Corporation Tax Returns

We produce accounts that are compliance with Accounting Standards and Company House requirements.

We look to work with you to ensure that your accounts and tax returns are filed with Inland Revenue and Companies House.

Tax Planning

We assist you with deciding how to structure your financial affairs, this will include whether to form a limited company and how to time your salary and dividend payments.

We will help you with financial scenario planning showing the taxation implications of organising your affairs in different ways.

We keep up to date with tax legislation and will inform you of the implication of major changes that affect your financial affairs.

We believe in fair taxation, that individuals should pay tax based on and reflective of their economic transactions.

We do not support tax evasion – it's illegal.

Company House Dealings

We file annual returns and accounts with companies house.

Our service includes helping you with company secretarial matters, such as AGM’s and dividend notices.

We will also assist with structural changes to your organisation such as changes to directors, shareholdings, change of name, etc.

We maintain your company register which is a legal requirement for directors.

Charity Commission Interface

We keep up-to-date with charity accounting rules, cover all types of social enterprise structure (Charities regulated by Trust, Limited Liability Charities, Community Interest Companies, Co-operatives, etc.)

We offer the following services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Charity startup
  • Wages
  • Trading subsidiaries
  • Tax planning
  • Charity commission interface
  • Gift aid
  • Fundraising
  • Governance

We are registered members of the Institute of Independent Inspectors and will inspect your records and make appropriate reviews to enable us to issue an Independent Inspection Report that meets the requirements of the Charity Commission.

We produce charity accounts using the Charity Commission templates and assist in filing annual returns.

Cloud Accounting and Management Accounting

We support cloud accounting.

  • FreeAgent
  • Quick Books Online
  • Xero

We’re not a one trick pony; and look to match you up to the cloud solution that meets your needs.

Most of our clients are now using one of the above solutions and are finding that these packages enable a self-service accounting solution that is easy to use.

We provide training and support in your chosen solution.

Management Accounting

This includes price reviews, modelling of business costs and break even along with budgeting and cash flow forecasting. Quarterly and monthly financial reports explaining how a client’s business has performed.

We have reviewed clients pricing models, making sure that they are recovering all of their prices.